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Mulefactory is one of the main websites that you will run into when you are looking for WoW gold. They offer services for a number of different online games that help players catch up that don’t have enough time to play. The website is run by hardcore gamers with the goal of serving the needs of the community by helping them obtain their in-game gold and items and focusing on delivering the orders as fast as possible.

In 2007, four European gamers created Mulefactory. They concentrated first on Diablo 2 products, but soon noticed the need for services in other games as well. Many other games started to emerge in the coming years after Diablo 2, such as the FIFA series, PoE, RS and WoW. They are actually one of the main shops on the market, but the passion to support the gaming industry separates them from others.

In their top games, Mulefactory also provides discount coupons as a market leading business. Every year, celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and Easter are hosted with various discounts, usually between 10% and 30% off. Random 10-20 percent discounts that typically run for a week can also be seen sometimes. Their bi-weekly newsletters guarantee that you are not going to miss either of these.

Currently they offer Gold and other services in WoW Retail and WoW Classic. You do not need to share any sensitive informations for the delivery as the WoW gold is being transferred to your account through in-game mail. The gold is always coming from a trusted source which is obtained by hand-controlled activities like playing, trading, farming and selling off items made by professions.

The staff of Mulefactory is a group of active players from all around the world. You can be confident that there is another gamer reading your message when you contact them and your case will be handled with care. You can also contact them at any point when something comes up, since they are available and willing to support you 24/7. There is also a Help Center on the website with the options to read frequently asked questions or to contact them through Livechat.

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